Polaris shoot.


All clothing, including metal skirt – Violet Flamingo
Photographer – Clickclickbang
Model – Gemma Hayley Daubney
Hair – Louise Reilly
M.U.A – Tiffany Parker Smith

Taster of new shoots, more to follow x


New photoshoots and shiny flyers.

flyer feb2013 final

Violet Flamingo is currently trying to get as many photoshoot done as possible, All sorts of garment I have created in the past are being loaned back to me so I can shoot them how I imagined. I’ve been teaming up with lots of creative people because I couldn’t do it all alone. When the new site is launched there will be plenty of new images to look at with links to all the people who were involved.
I’ve just had some lovely new flyers made with images from a recent shoot. Watch this space I have six more photoshoots planned for the near future.