Winter is on the way.

So Winter is coming round again, trying to make the studio as cosy as possible, planning on making some curtains before the end of the month and dusting off the radiators. Can’t complain this year it has been pretty nice, I hope it isn’t a harsh winter I don’t have any practical clothing!

P.S –  This decorating is me just avoiding work, back to it now I promise.




Ebor show 2013, I’m no artist but I love getting involved!

Shoots from the last 10 months
Shoots from the last 10 months

So the time has come again to open the mill doors to the public and for everyone in my studio to exhibit work. I’m not an artist like the other residents but I do get involved, I decided to put up a selection of pictures that have been produced over the last 10 months. Made me feel like I have been doing things as I always just skip from project to project and can’t remember everything I squeeze in. Anyway, looks pretty, I’m happy!