Pamper and purchase event.

Tomorrow I will be at The Pamper and Purchase event held in The Cheshire Confrence and Events venue. On the stall me and my glamorous assistant will be telling you all about the bespoke dresses I create and also showing off some new ready-to-wear sample, which if you like you can place your orders there and then for a Christmas treat.


There will also be lots of other great stalls offering Christmas gifts, beauty products, toys and much more, hope to see you there.

Opens 6:30 – 9:30pm.

Address – Edgeley Park, Hardcastle Road, Stockport. SK3 9DD


New limited edition ready to wear!

OK the shop is taking a little longer to set up due to the usual hiccups! I do not like technology!

I already have a range of products which I’ll be selling on the site, up to now I’ve just been promoting them and selling these through facebook.

Here is how it all works on Violet Flamingo ready-to-wear –

1 – I make the initial sample and photograph it for you lovely people. Sometimes I have such limited stock of fabric I’ll only photograph the fabric swatch, you can then order your unique dress from that.

2 – Once you think, I need that in my life, you can then contact me.

3 – I will find out your size and if you require for example a specific length of skirt, I can personalise this for you.

4 – You place the order and I will manufacture that piece and have it delivered to you in 7 working days!

5 – You own limited edition ready-to-wear, all manufactured in the UK!

Blaze Jacket
Blaze Jacket in black brocade, hand wash, £150.00 + P&P
Blaze jacket
Blaze Jacket in black brocade, hand wash, £150.00 + P&P
Blaze jacket
Blaze Jacket in black brocade, hand wash, £150.00 + P&P

Pin-up dress.

The pin-up dress from Violet Flamingo is easy fitting due to the elasticated back, unlike mass produced dresses like this the bodice has a full lining so you don’t see any of the elastic inside. It come is a large variety of sizes and you can also custom order the length of your skirt, £85.00 + P&P.

Pin-up dress in black taffeta
Pin-up dress in black taffeta