What is Violet Flamingo?

For those who don’t know anything about Violet Flamingo, or those who aren’t completely sure, this is a little overview of the brand our motive and what we actually do. We are a small, independent womenswear brand, based in Littleborough, Lancashire and are run by designer and pattern cutter, Lindsey James.

What do we stand for?

We Believe in making anybody happy in womenswear, we don’t care what size, shape or sex,  man or a woman, if you want a garment to make you feel fabulously feminine, we’re here to make it for you.

What do we do?

We provide two services here at Violet Flamingo, we have our ready to wear collections, and also a completely bespoke service, and all of our garments are made from scratch, in the studio.

What is Ready to Wear?

Our ready to wear collections are available to purchase online, and are available to view by appointment, each style of garment is never made more than 50 times, and comes with its own personal numbered tag, Garments generally range from size 8-18 however if you’d like a different size or would like a different colour/fabric, feel free to get in touch, Lindsey will be happy to help find something to work for you and make you happy.

Browse the collection here

What is Bespoke?

A bespoke garment is a personal garment, it’s unique, its special, its YOURS, you design it. Your initial consultation will be online (Click here to Contact) where we will see your rough ideas and send you an estimate quote. We then will invite you to the studio, where we ask you to bring pictures and ideas of things you want your garment to have, colour schemes, neck lines you like, we want to see your style, we will then sketch with you, and discuss fabric choices. Once we have a finalised design, we will begin production of your completely unique item. Roughly we ask for 6 months from your first message until delivery, however if something unexpected pops up, we know it happens, we will tell you in your first consultation whether we can help you or not.

View our Bespoke Service here

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