How does Violet Flamingo create BESPOKE?



The bespoke process is beautiful, we are here to make your ideas come to life, whether it’s your perfect workwear piece, or you want that special gown for your big day! Violet Flamingo is here to make your dream come true.

After contacting us through our online form, we will then begin an online consultation process. We want to know what makes you tick, do you want a beautifully draped grecian gown or a flawlessly suit with eccentric touches. Send us pictures of things you’ve seen that you really love, from necklines, shapes to fabrics, everything helps get the creativity and the design process going. Generally we ask for 6 months from your first message to deliver you the final product, its during the online consultation where you should mention if you need it in 3 months, if it can’t be done, it gives us chance to let you know, we do get very busy and perfection can take time! Once we have a good idea what you want, we’ll send you an estimated quote.

You will be invited to the studio at Ebor Studio, where you will meet Lindsey, you will discuss in much finer detail how we can make you your perfect garment, don’t be afraid, that’s the best advice we can give, this is your creation and we love the daring and crazy! Lindsey will guide you, give you advice, tell you if something can’t be done. Once your creation is becoming clear, sketches will be done, altered, until the garment is visually correct. Then it’s time to begin selecting fabrics.

Here in the studio we have a large number of fabric samples, you will be guided through them to help you find what will make your perfect look. If we don’t have a sample of the fabric you really want, Lindsey knows her game and will get an idea of what you like, and hunt down your perfect fabric. We can also provide custom digitally printed fabrics and custom embroidery. You will go through trimmings and the finishes, every tiny detail will be decided by you. After the decisions are made, and you’re happy with everything, we will take your measurements and you will begin the exciting wait for your exclusive garment to be created.

After an exciting wait you will be invited back to the studio for a fitting, at this stage your garment will be in a mock up material similar to the finished fabric you’ve selected. This fitting process is to make sure you look and feel as perfect as you should and so any alterations can be made. Once we’re happy with it Lindsey will then begin the finished look, you’ll then return to try on your finished piece. If we need to tweak a few bits, you’ll have a short wait for the final touches to be made, then it’s all yours.

Your dream is now a reality, you have a work outfit worthy of a promotion, a jaw dropping number for that special occasion in or the wedding dress to bring your husband to be to tears. Enjoy it, treasure it, it’s your design, it’s Bespoke from Violet Flamingo.

The video below is Owner, Designer and Dressmaker, Lindsey, discussing our latest bespoke photoshoot, brand views and her 3 top tips when ordering bespoke!



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