New Website & how to buy Ready-to-wear

Hello Violet Flamingo followers!

I hope you all love the new look Violet Flamingo site as much as I do, and are enjoying all of the creative photoshoots and product images available to see!

You’ll notice now that there is no longer an online store available at, I have chosen to drop the store in favour of selling through social media avenues instead.
As my pieces are now so limited edition, it just makes more sense to cut out the middle man and sell to all of my lovely customers directly through social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

This also means you’re able to get more creative and hands on directly with me in regards to your garments. If you see a style you like, why not get in touch and we can discuss alternate fabrics, patterns or design alterations.
Everything is now made to order so we can get the perfect fit for you!

Follow Violet Flamingo Bespoke on Instagram at @violetflamingobespoke to keep updated!



Kai for Blog

Kai hooded jacket in (left)a lightweight B&W chevron outer with a heavyweight black jersey lining, also in (right) a heavyweight unicorn clouds with a lightweight bubble pink jersey.
This double layered draped hoodie is so warm and comfortable!


Mia for Blog

Mia drape dress in (left) a soft black jersey and (right) a new teal jersey.
Cute, comfortable and stylish, also this piece has hidden arm warmer cuffs!


Mort for Blog

Mort multiway hooded cardigan in (left) gold and (right) silver metallic jersey.
This functional but stylish cardigan also features VF arm warmer cuffs.