Fashion Revolution Week 2018


The 24th April marked the 5 year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, where 1,138 innocent lives were taken with thousands more injured in the worst ever industrial accident to hit the fashion industry. This tragedy sparked the creation of ‘Fashion Revolution’ and the beginning of a movement to strive for a transparent fashion industry where nobody has to suffer. However, despite all of these attempts, we still see little change to the bigger brands, with throwaway fast fashion still dominating the high streets.

Fashion Revolution Week is aiming to bring people together from across the globe to raise awareness about such an important matter that is constantly ignored.

To find out more about joining the Fashion Revolution then follow this link ( and ask your favourite brands:
‘Who made my clothes?’


Lindsey James, the face behind Violet Flamingo…

As far as fashion goes, large scale mass production of garments has never interested me. The knock on effect of producing cheap clothing damages our planet and can also negatively affect the people behind the scenes within the industry. Everyone deserves to earn a decent wage from the skilled jobs they have, and I can tell you from experience that working in the fashion industry isn’t easy!
That’s why here at Violet Flamingo we aim to produce everything ethically and with as little environmental impact as possible. 
We believe in slow fashion, which is why our garments are created locally, bespoke to fit, and made to last!


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