A Successful Flamboyance!

Well, what an amazing night!

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for This Flamboyance and helped make the night such a success.

An extra special thank you to:
Hairdresser Louise Rielly
MUA Chloe Louise Gorton
Gemma Hayley Daubney
Rachel Carline
Martha Lyons Haywood
Karen Lyons
Sarah Rielly
Danielle Troy

Here are some fabulous pictures from the evening, courtesy of Kate Vincent and Bob France…





Price Increase on Selected Stock

Hello Violet Flamingo followers!
Due to our products not being mass produced, we don’t buy our fabric in bulk, and as a result of this one of our suppliers has introduced a cutting charge.
This unfortunately means that we have also had to introduce a slight price increase on a few selected styles so that we are able to cover costs.

Any clients who have already ordered garments and are just waiting on their orders will be charged at the original price.
New prices will be effective from today!

We regret to inform you of this, but it will ensure that we are still able to produce all of our garments to the highest standard and with the highest quality materials.

Thank you for your continued support!

Violet Flamingo x

This Flamboyance!

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Flamboyance (Noun)
: 1. The quality or state of being flamboyant
           2. A group of Flamingos

THURSDAY 28TH JULY 2016// 7pm until Late

Come and join us for an evening of fun and frivolity at Ebor Studio, with an exciting collaboration of local creatives showcasing their talents.

Featuring an exhibition of past photoshoots and bespoke projects There will also be limited edition made-to-order fashion ranges on offer from Violet Flamingo.

A beauty demonstration will take place at 8:15pm, with hairdresser Louise Rielly and MUA Chloe Louise Gorton. The girls will also be around all evening offering advice along with a variety of hair and beauty products on sale.

A selection of canapés and prosecco will be served

Ebor Studio. William Street, Littleborough, Lancashire, OL15 8JP


For more information on this event and more, follow us on:
Facebook: Violetflamingo
Twitter: @Violetflamingo1
Instagram: Violetflamingobespoke

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An update for new Violet Flamingo followers!

Hello Violet Flamingo followers!
As you all may have noticed, things have been a little quiet recently here on the Violet Flamingo blog. But fear not, i am back!
It’s been a crazy busy few months here at the studio with the design and creation of the new Ready-To-Wear collection, which is now available on the Violet Flamingo website. And alongside that, it’s also been wedding and prom season, so lots of bespoke clients and budding brides!

The best way to keep up with all the latest news and updates is to follow our Facebook page: Violet Flamingo

With the Ready-To-Wear collections growing in popularity, if you’re new to Violet Flamingo, here is a little bit about what we stand for:

  • Violet Flamingo creates limited edition ready-to-wear clothing, with each style limited to fifty pieces. Some designs can be limited to as few as 3 pieces, therefore don’t make it on to our website and are only sold through Facebook.
  • Every garment is designed to be a versatile, unique addition to your wardrobe. With some garments designed to be worn in various ways, making the transition from day to evening much easier.
  • Violet Flamingo only uses good quality fabric and makes sure every piece is manufactured to the highest quality, guaranteeing a long life span for your garment.
  • From initial design concept, through to trims and finishing, every step of your garments journey takes place in the Violet Flamingo design studio in Littleborough.
  • There are a wide variety of styles within each range.
  • Each ready-to-wear piece is guaranteed to be with you in 14 days or less.
  • Violet Flamingo usually carries one sample size, and then each piece is made to suit each individual client. Giving you the added bonus of making the garment prefect for YOU!

As Violet Flamingo clothing is not trend lead or seasonal, sales don’t happen very often! As a result of this, the only way to find out about any promotions or discounts available is to sign up to our mailing list. You can do this by clicking here

Here’s a sneak peak at an item from the new ready-to-wear collection…
VF June 2016-047Cowl Fia Mini dress, coming soon to the online store!


Guest blog post on my bespoke bridal work

Recently I was asked to write a guest blog for H&D Diamonds, all about the dresses I create for my bespoke brides.

I have shared the stories of just three of my happy bespoke clients, it was actually very had to choose just three. Each of my customers all have their own unique story of how we created their final dress for the big day.

Follow the link and go check out the blog, V.F guest blog



Promotional weekend – Celebrating 2 years independant trading at Violet Flamingo

Hello followers, I have a special occasion to celebrate!

This weekend I’ll be celebrating my two year anniversary, I know the business was set up in December 2011 but this is when I became a fully independent company. Two years ago I was running V.F and juggling part time jobs, to be honest I was burnt out and wasn’t happy. I decide to quit my job, scrap my terrible car and take the money off to Ibiza for a short break. Whilst there I recharged and by the time I got home Violet Flamingo was truly born, it became my full time job and as I’m realizing it’s pretty much my life.

I love what I do for a living and I’m so happy that I can still create unique pieces. As many of you know now each ready-to-wear item is limited to fifty of each design. I’m now a true believer in buying garments that can be worn for various occasions, season to season and manufactured in high quality versatile materials.

From the concept of the garment, pattern cutting, manufacture, finishing touches and finally packaging my items to be shipped to my clients, all of this is done because this is my passion.

As a special treat to my lovely subscribers I’m offering 35% off all items in the online store, from the popular Hatty drape dress to the luxury pure silk digital print scarf. Simply sign up to the newsletter to receive your code.

Valid from –  from 04/09/15 to midnight 10/09/15

Thanks for supporting my little brand, I hope you grab yourself a unique treat.


d robinson

Non stock items are made and delivered within fourteen day

Hello Violet Flamingo followers!

A couple of people have been asking about the ready-to-wear items at Violet Flamingo Bespoke. The items in the online store are usually made up, photographed for the shop and then these stay as sample pieces in the studio. When people order a certain piece I make it up and deliver it within fourteen days. This helps me keep track of the garments as I only make fifty of each style to keep them unique!

I have just made up some extra stock sizes for the limited edition T’s and Erin cami so if you don’t want to wait fourteen days get in quick, in stock items go out next working day.

P1020643_edited P1020654.JPG edit P1020626_edited_lightened